36th Annual CampaignExpo
The latest political campaign tactics strategies techniques
Washington, DC July 13th, 2017
The annual event that equips attendees with the skills
and knowledge to win.

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About CampaignExpo

The latest in political campaign strategy, tactics and techniques

The ultimate political campaign conference, with the latest in political campaign tactics, strategies, and techniques. From candidates, to campaign managers and from campaign consultants to campaign vendors, CampaignExpo (formerly known as the Art of Political Campaigning) is the annual event that equips attendees with the skills and knowledge to win.

Campaigns & Elections held the first CampaignExpo in 1981 to put the spotlight on the very latest in running winning political campaigns. And every year since, CampaignExpo has brought together the best minds and biggest names in campaigning to share their experience with candidates, political consultants and campaign vendors from across the U.S. and the world.

What to Expect

Experience hyper-practical campaign winning content. Build game-changing relationships. Hear from the best in the campaign business.

Unparalleled Speakers

At CampaignExpo we bring together the most highly regarded speakers in political campaigns.


Focused on What Matters

From the newest campaign tools to the latest in innovations in traditional tools like direct mail & TV, CampaignExpo is focused on what really makes a difference.



Take advantage of CampaignExpo's hands-on roundtable and workshop sessions, where the focus is on learning new skills that can be deployed immediately.


Make Connections

CampaignExpo brings together campaign consultants, managers, vendors and candidates in an environment designed to help you make connections that take you closer to achieving your goals.

36 Years of Campaign Winning Content

Here's a sample of the 2016 CampaignExpo sessions. The full 2017 agenda will be released soon

Sample Mainstage Sessions

Opposition Research in the Digital Age

A modern political campaign means a campaign tracker at every event and a candidate who can never let their guard down. We’ll examine how opposition research has transitioned to the digital age and hear from national groups on what tactics you can implement.

Lessons from the Frontlines of Online Fundraising

Led by email, fundraising online remains a key source of dollars and energy for political organizations and campaigns. In this session, we’ll hear case studies from successful and innovative online fundraising programs.

Finding the Right Campaign Manager

It can be a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Hear from campaign managers from both political parties on how their role is evolving in modern campaigning, and what they look for in a candidate, organization, and from partners and vendors.

Sample Breakout Sessions & Workshops

Creating a Robust Volunteer Organization

Volunteers are often the life blood of a political or issue campaign. If sourced and managed properly, you can create a volunteer army to power your grassroots efforts.

Recruiting & Hiring Millennials in Politics

So-called Millennials currently make up 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, and that number will only grow. In this session, we’ll look at how to recruit Millennials and get the most out of them on the campaign trail.

Workshop: Writing Fundraising Emails

When it comes to online fundraising, email remains at the top of the heap. So what’s the key to writing and constructing an effective fundraising email? In this workshop, our email experts will critique email fundraising appeals and we’ll test your email writing skills, too.

Download 2016 Agenda

Sample Roundtables

Hiring Managers Unite

Whether you’re in a position of hiring for a campaign, issue group, association, or consulting firm, finding the right person is tough. Join us for a frank discussion of the challenges.

Campaign Planning

Your campaign or issue effort will only be as good as the plan you develop to help reach your goal. In this group discussion, we’ll talk about the elements of a responsive campaign plan.

Ask a Digital Ad Expert

Navigating your digital advertising options can often feel like taming the Wild West. In this group discussion, we’ll share ideas and talk through some of the challenges in the digital ad space.


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