Ashley O’Connor

Ashley O’Connor

Managing Partner, Strategic Partners & Media


Ashley O’Connor began her career over fifteen years ago as a media producer. Since then she has founded Red October Productions, led advertising for the 2004 and 2012 presidential campaigns, served as a partner at The Stevens and Schriefer Group, and is a founding partner of Burning Glass Consulting, a consulting firm that helps Republican candidates and organizations target female voters.

Despite the unpredictable and volatile year, Ashley led SPM through another successful election cycle in 2016. She advised campaigns and produced many ads for some of the most highly contested races across the country – notably Senator Roy Blunt, Senator Johnny Isakson, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and Attorney General-Elect Curtis Hill. In addition, Ashley worked with the team at the NRSC and RAGA to produce ads for Senator Marco Rubio and Attorney Patrick Morrisey.

In 2014 she steered the firm to a 100% win record despite having some of the toughest races in the country, landing her on Campaigns & Elections 50 Influencers list. Her work included Governor Larry Hogan’s upset win in Maryland, and Governor LePage’s re-elect won with the RGA. She is particularity proud to have helped Elise Stefanik, currently the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

Ashley has advised advertising efforts for key leaders in the Republican Party including: Governor Asa Hutchinson, Governor Mitt Romney, President George W. Bush, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Haley Barbour, Governor Mary Fallin and Senator Rob Portman.

In 2012, Ashley was the director of advertising and strategic advisor for Governor Mitt Romney. She conceived, hired, and ran the campaign’s in-house advertising and production team, developed geo-targeted strategy, and offered unparalleled quality control and speed which earned the campaign the moniker, “the fasties in Boston” from Mark Halperin of Time Magazine. In 2004, Ashley served as Director of Production for President George Bush, leading a team of nine political media consulting firms as the youngest media team member. She produced award-winning political spots, including “Windsurfing” and “I Voted for the 87 Billion Before I Voted Against It.” Most notably, she produced the 2004 Republican National Convention keynote video, “The Pitch,” that introduced President Bush.

In 2010, she produced the award-winning documentary, “The Surge: The Untold Story.” The documentary won the 2010 Military Channel Award at the GI Film Festival.

Ashley is a three-time marathon runner, a board member of the YWCA Annapolis, and has lectured on politics and advertising at some of the nation’s top universities, including Harvard’s Kennedy School, the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, Yale, and her alma mater, Mount Holyoke College.