Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips

Senior Vice President, WPA Intelligence


Brian Phillips is a veteran of presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial campaigns, and has extensive experience working in the United States Congress and public policy think tanks.  Currently, he is a Senior Vice President for the respected polling and data analytics firm WPA Intelligence.  Previously, he served in a senior communications role as the Director of Rapid Response for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, charged to ensure accurate reporting by the media and develop effective strategies for engaging opponents.

Prior to joining Cruz, Phillips worked as Communications Director for U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah, who has played a role in nearly every major debate for the past six years, including Obamacare repeal, fighting Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights, as well as promoting numerous innovative policy reforms.  Before going on to hold several senior positions in House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns, Phillips worked for the internationally-respected conservative Heritage Foundation as a Media Adviser promoting conservative policy reforms.

For more than a decade, Phillips has helped policymakers and political candidates, including Cruz, develop effective messages and strategies.  Specifically, for Cruz, he worked to protect, preserve, and defend the message, brand, and policy positions of the candidate. He has aided in debate preparation, crisis communication, media outreach, and coalition and grassroots building.  Phillips has been an effective on-the-record spokesman, has strong social media skills, effectively using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and written extensively on politics over his career.