Jennie Blackton

Jennie Blackton

Communications Consultant


An award-winning writer of sitcoms, Jennie Blackton started her career acting on Broadway when she was a teenager, and progressed to hosting talk-shows on radio and TV both in New York City and Los Angeles. Not wishing to have to look good at 7am five days a week, she decided to be on the other side of the camera and began writing sitcoms. She wrote for many years, her last show was “Roseanne.” In fact, she was the first woman to write for a sitcom about women, “One Day at a Time.”

When she didn’t feel funny anymore she became a Vice President of Columbia Pictures and then Universal Television. She got started in political communication because she was so frustrated when candidates that she supported seemed unable to utter a straight honest sentence that would make an audience listen and be persuaded to act. She started to teach candidates in how to make an audience sit up, listen and applaud at the end of a speech and discovered that delivering a solid message + stump speech and writing sitcoms for a critical audience utilize the same skills. She combined her experience in all media into one interactive workshop and found her soul work in the process.

In the last 12 years, she has worked in all kinds of campaigns, specializing in local, city and state elections – where the real people are. She has also worked outside the United States on campaigns in countries as diverse as Malawi, Haiti and Greece, where she worked with George Papandreou, candidate for Prime Minister, who won…and then resigned. She is currently on retainer as the communications consultant to the Association of Democratic State Chairs, a division of the DNC, plus she maintains her own candidate client list as well. Her articles have been featured in the Huffington Post and Campaigns and Elections Magazine.