Julian Mulvey

Julian Mulvey

Partner, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh


Julian Mulvey is a democratic media consultant and partner at the firm Devine Mulvey Longabaugh. He has produced advertising for four winning US Senators, one Governor, two European heads of state, several Congressmen and dozens of other leaders across America. “A persuasive ad should be authentic to the candidate, strike an emotional chord and tell a story,” he says.

Julian was the Creative Director of the Bernie Sanders for President TV advertising. The New York Times, The Washington Post and Esquire Magazine called the ads “powerful,” “emotional” and “the best… ever seen.” The Daily Beast called the ad campaign “pure gold.” Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin called Sanders’ opening biographical ad “the best of the cycle, maybe several cycles.” The ads “stand out in the crowded airwaves,” said CNN’s John King. The Inquisitr stated, “The Sanders campaign has become famous for its masterful storytelling and moving imagery.”

One ad in particular caught the public’s imagination. Titled “America,” the spot uses the Simon & Garfunkel track of the same name. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called “America” the ad of year, saying, “Its one of the most hopeful ads we’ve seen in a very long time.” USAToday’s Susan Page and The Hill likened it to President Reagan’s 1984 classic “Morning in America.”

The Sanders’ ad campaign was not only the most creative but also the most effective. AceMetrix tested all the presidential campaigns ads and gave 7 of the Top 10 “Most Effective” to Sanders. The New York Times’ Upshot said “America” was the ad that “moved people the most.”

When not making ads Julian loves reading history. His play about the friendship and feud of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, “Rush’s Dream”, performed to sold-out shows off-Broadway. Not quite “Hamilton” success, but historian Garry Wills called it “a beautiful story, beautifully told.”

Julian graduated from Boston University. He was a research assistant at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and former Crew Member of the Month at McDonald’s restaurant, in Winchester, England. Julian lives in Takoma Park, MD, with his wife and noted pollster, Margie Omero, along with their two children.