James Norton

James Norton

President & Founder, Play Action Strategies


James Norton is a seasoned executive strategist, policy advisor, political operative, and communicator with extensive expertise in homeland security, cybersecurity, defense and public safety.

James is the Founder and President of Play-Action Strategies LLC, a comprehensive strategic consulting firm that uses its understanding of the X’s and O’s of Washington, D.C. to help clients solve problems, plan for the future, and win business.  Norton advises Play-Action’s clients in the areas of corporate development, executive branch customer engagement, government procurement, federal budget process, and legislative strategy.

He previously served as Vice President of Strategy and Communications for the Mission Systems division of the Fortune 100 Corporation General Dynamics. In this role, James developed and directed the execution of successful winning business and communication strategies, and he managed business interactions with government stakeholders, including the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Congress, corporate partners, and media outlets.