Jason DeAlessi

Jason DeAlessi

Managing Director, Fuerza Strategy Group


Jason is the managing director at Fuerza and oversees all projects. He founded Fuerza in 2016, and still serves as the account lead for a number of clients.

Jason entered the digital communications industry without realizing it. In high school, he worked on videos and graphic design projects for enjoyment. After several years he realized his passion for digital communications and started his own consulting firm. He will complete his undergraduate education from Rutgers University in 2017, with a degree in political science and public health.

While in college, Jason worked with NBC News on MSNBC’s flagship morning broadcast Morning Joe. He started on the show as a runner, and was quickly writing and editing his own stories. His time at the show taught him the importance of messaging and bias in media production, which assists him in guiding client messaging.

Jason is an elected member of the Kinnelon Board of Education. He routinely volunteers his time for various philanthropic ventures, and is a dedicated public servant. In his free time he trains for Triathlons and works on community theatre productions. He hopes to obtain joint JD/MPH degrees in the near future.