Nick Schulte

Nick Schulte

Vice President, Axiom Strategies


In March of 2012 I spent most of my working days in a cubicle in my hometown of St. Louis working for a large defense company, armed with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, a newly-minted MBA, and six years of experience in corporate finance.

A long-time friend of mine had just been hired at Axiom a few weeks prior. He was back in town for the holidays and told me they were spinning off their mail division and were looking for someone to manage the business operations of the new company as well as the logistics of mail production. They needed someone to bring process and organization and focus on execution. He told me I should interview.

At the time I was leading the proposal development for a contract that would push my program out past 2020 so the new job was risky, but it was also fascinating and exciting and just the challenge I was looking for. I interviewed for the job, was eventually offered the job, accepted, sold my house, and moved across the state, where I’ve worked approximately 1,000 hours per week ever since. My good friend subsequently took a big corporate gig, in perhaps the largest bait-and-switch in the history of mankind.

During my time at Axiom, I’ve experienced us spin off our mail division, move it back in, become one of the largest and most acclaimed political mail firms in the country, add digital, phones, polling, and media buying to our repertoire, and grow from a regional presence to a national player. I’m proud of the work we’ve produced for our clients, and honored to be part of this team.